What if Juliet had magic healing powers & Romeo were captured & about to die?


When the young healer, Liriel, first sees her brother's captive, the notorious 'Slasher' being beaten before her eyes, she realizes that the stories about him are far from the whole truth. Against all reason, she sides with this most infamous young man; working with him to bring their two warring countries to a lasting peace so that they can be together once and for all. But Liriel has no idea what a battle she's in for.


The Marulan healers of the Hilliri use life force to close wounds and seal blood vessels. They only remove their protective gloves while they work. Liriel learns that in order to make the world right she will have to strip away everything that makes her feel safe. Is love worth taking such a chance for?


Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult.


*Contains some scenes with violence and sexuality.


Cover art by Amanda C. Davis.